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TM paint (THE-B-MART)

TM paint is an illustrator born in Saga, Japan.
He was from little league but grew taller with playing basketball, and learned arts from comics and culture from punk rock. He got attracted to a supporting role than a leading role, especially something funny, so he introduced himself as Aorenger of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. His arts forcused on nerd life are came up with his funny preference. He learned American culture from Ken, Guile, Barlog stage of Street Fighter II, Terry Bogard stage of Fatal Fury, NBA JAM and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

TM painted artworks of flyers, logos, shirts for domestic and overseas labels and artists like Fat Wreck Chords , NOFX  and Hi-Standard. He designed graphic arts for music festivals like Fuji Rock Festival, AirJam, Satanic Carnival, The Fest and also apparel brands like VANS, Rolling Cradle, jouetie. He supported animal rights with providing his arts to HORSMIC. At his solo exhibition “PEEPSHOW” in 2015, he broke his record finally!

TM is a painter as you know but established a creative art label, THE-B-MART to try what he want to do experimentally. And one of his dreams is hanging his art on wall at all the family home all over the world. He released canvas prints at a reasonable price to let everyone feel free to enjoy arts more, and also he released an advertising T-shirt called Ad-T to let everyone advertise canvas prints by themselves. And he got a great response and caused a sensation with selling out all the 52 arts’ Ad-Ts at his booth at a music festival.

TM was struggling day after day. How to interact and spend time with his fans because a painter like him always stays in home? He came up with the portrait workshop. He painted his fans’ portrait with face to face in the corner at a music festival and an apparel shop all over Japan. Every portrait workshops got a ton of traffic and he succeed to interact and have fun with a lot of fans. And his next plan is to meet the world he’ve never met.


TM paintは、佐賀で生まれたイラストレーターです。
彼のアメリカンテイストなアートは、ストリートファイター2のケン、ガイル、バイソン、餓狼伝説のテリー・ボガードのステージや、NBA JAM、Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2のストリートカルチャーで培われました。

TMは、Fat Wreck Chords、NOFX、Hi-Standardなど国内外のアーティスト、レーベルのアートワーク、ライブポスター、Tシャツを手掛けてきました。また、 Fuji Rock Festival、AirJam、Satanic Carnival、The Festなど音楽フェス、VANS、Rolling Cradle、jouetieなどのアパレルブランドへのグラフィック提供も行ってきました。

みんなに宣伝を手伝ってもらおうと、自身のキャンバスのコマーシャルのための”アドT(Advertising T-Shirt)”と題したキャンバスアートがプリントされた他力本願なTシャツを販売し、とある音楽フェスのブースにて全52種が即完し反響&物議を醸しました。